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Unexpected Error Contact in Contact Form


Dear Team,
i am getting an Unexpected Error while trying to send contact information from contact form.
here is the email configuration:
    <network host="" port="465" enableSsl="true" userName="" password="***********" />
i gone through the FrontEndContactController but couldn't find the solution.

Warm Regards,
Atul S

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valgen wrote Jun 18 at 3:22 AM


You are using

Try to follow all the instructions reported on this page:
Pay attention to the port number that depends on SSL or TLS.

Also if you debug your website from within Visual Studio on your local machine you can step into and see the actual exception. That will help you understand the cause of your problem.

atuls1413 wrote Jun 21 at 6:33 AM

Dear Sir,
thank you so much i am able to resolve the issue.

Warm Regards,
Atul S