Unexpected Error Contact in Contact Form

Dear Team, i am getting an Unexpected Error while trying to send contact information from contact form. here is the email configuration: <network host="smtp.gmail.com" port="465" enableSsl="true"...

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It was not possible to complete the request due to file system permission restrictions.

Dear Team, i am getting error while trying to upload content from ckfinder in page like as images ,pdf,etc. please help me to resolve the isssue. Warm Regards, Atul s

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single framework for multiple site

Dear team, such a great framework ,i really like it. now this cms is useful for single website, but we would like to use same application for multiple website. like Facebook,(single application ...

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Remove Menu Item

Hi, There appears to be no easy way to remove the language dropdown from the menu, where it lists english and italian. Can you advise on how to remove this dropdown from the menu completely. ...

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Problem installing with an SQL Azure Server

I've just downloaded MVCwCMS 4.1.0 and started to set it up. The first step was to provide my server details, which I did with my Azure SQL server; however, right after of getting my user and pass...

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Using jquery ajax in view

I am trying to make a simple jquery ajax call from the register page (FrontEndSubscriptionRegister\index.cshtml). When the user changes the country I would like to make an ajax call to the datab...

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SecurityHelper doesn't exist

Downloaded MVCwCMS 3.2.0 .zip package, once you open the solution and try to build there's some errors: The name 'SecurityHelper' does not exist in the current context. SecurityHelper is used in ...

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Request Security be changed to Identity 2.0

The existing CMS security works out well if the CMS solution is a stand alone solution. However, if you want to add Modules, then the application modules the new applications must implement there ...

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Add support for recursive content retrieval

When creating page templates I generally include Shared Content as the Header and Footer. Often these shared content items also refer to Shared Content Items. Please add support for recursing Sh...

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Add support for SMTP servers that don't allow anonymous sending

Please note that the Email Helper and FrontendContractController will result in email not being sent if the designated SMTP server is Office365. Office365 does not allow for anonymous sending of...

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